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At pause recovery studio, take a break from hectic, everyday life. Here, you will experience active recovery with float therapy, infrared sauna, and effective recovery boots.

Mental recovery is important for a busy, on-the-go life at home and at work, when you are “on” for most of the day. More than just the break that your brain craves, active recovery increases your attention and concentration, and is additionally beneficial for super learning, which is useful in many work situations or during exam periods.

Physical recovery is a crucial part of the serious athlete’s everyday routine, but is also important for those of you who have sat at work for 8 hours, or who have taken a long flight across the Atlantic.

We all need daily peace and recovery. At pause recovery studio, you will relax in beautiful and calm surroundings, while your brain and your body take a rest from hard work.

It doesn’t require anything from you – you just need to be present.

Enjoy the stillness, close your eyes and rest deeply.

Let your body recover and reconnect to yourself



Total relaxation and recovery for body and mind. You will feel the benefits of flotation therapy regardless of if you are a professional athlete or if you sit in an office all day

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pause studio

infrared sauna

Infrared sauna provides recovery and wellbeing without overheating. Muscles and joints relax, while metabolism increases, and perspiration works to detoxify the body.

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Recovery boots and cryo boots


Recovery boots are perfect for when you have tired legs after a hard day at work or after a long run. Easy, accessible, and effective, they deliver a treatment through which you experience a clear effect.

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– where do you find pause recovery studio

Frederiks Plads 28 turns out towards Jægergårdsgade.

There is free street parking on the nearby streets, including Jægergårdsgade og Marselisborg Alle. There is additional parking in the parking garage at Bruuns Galleri. pause recovery studio is located just a few minutes’ walk from Bruuns Galleri, the main train station, and the main bus station.


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PAUSE recovery studio

Frederiks Plads 28

8000 Aarhus, Danmark

+45 8118 6400



man: 13.00–22.00
tir: 13.00–22.00
ons: 13.00–22.00
tor: 10.00–22.00
fre: 10.00–22.00
lør: 10.00–22.00
søn: 10.00–22.00

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