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– flotation therapy

You will find yourself in a weightless and completely relaxed state. You won’t sweat, you won’t freeze, no squeezes, no interruptions. You are just present, but your senses are sharp.

During flotation therapy, you will lie in a tank with clean, clear water. The water is set at body temperature and is composed of 30 percent epson salt. As you lay in the water and float comfortably, you will lose the ability to tell where the water stops and where the air begins. The lights are off, the room is silent, and you are relaxed. Your brain doesn’t use any energy other than to breathe in and breathe out.

After just a short time, you become completely balanced in the water. Your muscles and joints open up, while your blood circulation increases. All the body’s resources are concentrated on your physical and mental recovery.

Float Cabin

The float tanks are produced by Floataway, the world’s largest producer of float tanks with their corporate headquarters located in England and the USA. Since 1999, Floataway has made tanks for over 300 studios in more than 50 countries around the world.

In the Cabin for One and the Cabin for Two, you will have a peaceful and comfortable experience in your private room. The water is body temperature and blended with 30 percent Epsom Salt. You can float with low lighting and calm music if you prefer, but the best recovery effect comes from floating in silence and darkness.

float studio til flydeterapi hos pause studio

Cabin for One is one of the most spacius float tank in the world while Cabin for Two gives you even more space to float in. Cabin for Two is for couple floating, if you would like to share the experience with a partner or a friend.

Pause Recovery Studio has achieved the title Floataway Center of Excellence, because the studio has lived up to rigorous standards of service, physical design, and cleanliness.

benefits and science

Since Flotation Therapy first started in the 1950s, countless studies and scientific articles have documented the advantages of regular use of a float tank.

Floatation Therapy lowers risk of

– high blood pressure

– depression

– anxiety

– insomnia

– chronic pain

– pain from injury

– heart disease

– chronic fatigue

– migraines

Increases the body’s abilities of

– relaxation

– detoxification

– creativity

– visualization

– super learning

– recovery after sport

– reconstruction of joints and muscles

– sports performance

– healthy hair and skin

Flotation Therapy
Benefits flotation therapy

BMC Complementary & Alternative Medicine, 2014

One study that followed seven weeks of floatation therapy for healthy people concluded that the participants experienced significantly lower levels of stress, depression, anxiety, and strong pain. The participants also reported improved sleep quality and feeling more optimistic.

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Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 2013

The study followed the participants after physical activity, where they recovered for one hour in a floatation tank. The athletes had a significantly lower level of lactic acid in their muscles after recovery with floatation therapy, as compared with one hour of passive recovery.

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