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Recovery boots are advanced sleeves that cover the legs and, with the help of air compression, gives you a pleasant massage. Furthermore, recovery boots deliver an effective recovery after physical activity, or are beneficial if you have tired and swollen legs after work or after a long flight.

When utilized after physical training, 20 minutes of treatment with recovery boots corresponds to 24-48 hours of passive recovery, which is why the treatment is widely used by so many professional runners, cyclists, and triathletes.

In the medical world, recovery boots are used for the treatment of diabetes patients, patients with poor blood circulation or with too much fluid in their legs, and those recovering from operations. Compression treatment increases blood circulation, helps muscles to flush out waste, and restores the natural flow of oxygen and blood.

Recovery boots

You pull the recovery boots on your legs, and experience the massage by the compressed air.

recovery boots
cryo boots

You can choose the boots you would like to use, and settle in to the sound of your favorite music with headphones that we provide.

You get the recovery treatment while you lay in a comfortable reclining chair in a quiet area in the lounge.

benefits & science

Recovery boots helps the body to

– recover more quickly after training

– relax tense muscles

– flush out waste and toxins

– increase blood circulation in muscles and blood vessels

– strengthen immune system

– decrease restlessness in legs

– alleviate negative side effects of diabetes

Benefits recovery boots
recovery boots

Sports Technology Research & Medical Physics and Bioeng., 2006

Recovery boots reduce leg soreness for up to 48 hours after strenuous training; and athletes that use the treatment daily can train both longer and harder.

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Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, 2017

An American study shows that cyro-compression (the combination of cooling and compression experienced with cryo boots) helps the participants to recover more quickly after physical activity, thus enabling them to train more often and more effectively.

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recovery boots


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