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Step into our light and beautiful rooms at Frederiks Plads, and you will be welcomed in the reception to experience our recovery treatments, including float therapy, infrared sauna, and recovery boots. Either we will personally be there to welcome you, or one of our talented colleagues will be ready to assist you.

Pause Recovery Studio is located at Frederiks Plads in the heart of Aarhus, and we are open from 10 to 22.

– the people behind pause recovery studio

In 2017, we decided we wanted to do something new with our lives. While we both had good jobs, many years ago we had agreed with each other that we would chase the experiences and adventures that life has to offer. Therefore, Jonas quit his job after 10 years in the banking world, while Signe waved goodbye to the teaching world. We traveled around the world for the next year with our 1-year-old twin boys, Carl and Albert.

pause studio

Signe & Jonas Klit started pause recovery studio in 2019.

One late night in Santa Cruz, California after the boys had been put to bed, Jonas read an article in the local newspaper about a float studio that touted how many people praised the benefits of floatation therapy. Neither of us had heard about float therapy before, but within a few minutes, we had purchased an introduction package with three floats, and had booked a time slot for the next day.

Signe Bak Klit – I have taught at many places, and seen how busy families with children are. Most of their days are fully booked, and time for breaks is completely overlooked.

First floating experience

The first float was a transformative experience, while each successive float left us wanting more. This should be available at home! So, we had found our next adventure. In the following months, we visited several studios in Los Angeles, Boulder, and New York, and later still more studios in Asia and Southern Europe.

Floating in Århus

We wanted to introduce Danes to flotation therapy, but it isn’t just that. We wanted to be better than the places we have visited. We wanted to start a recovery studio for physical and mental recovery, and we naturally wanted to start it in our hometown of Aarhus.

Jonas Klit – I have previously seen many colleagues balancing on the edge of stress, and at the same time I have wondered how many people live with constant pain.

Recovery is important for everyone

For many years, we have both been active triathletes, and we therefore know the importance of physical recovery for performance ability. But the brain also needs to recover in order to perform, and breaks are therefore essential.

While abroad, we have seen how physical and mental recovery happens in a quicker and more effective way when based on well-documented research. We have taken these techniques, and placed then in comfortable and inviting surroundings so that your recovery can occur in a completely calm and relaxed state.

Signe Bak Klit – As the manager in a recovery studio in New York told me, imagine yourself in a car on the motorway that’s driving too fast. Some parts of the car wear out entirely too quickly. This is how most people live today.

– where we are

Frederiks Plads 28 turns out towards Jægergårdsgade (Google Maps isn’t entirely correct here)

There is free street parking on the nearby streets, including Jægergårdsgade og Marselisborgalle. There is additional parking in the parking garage at Bruuns Galleri. Pause Recovery Studio is located just a few minutes’ walk from Bruuns Galleri, the main train station, and the main bus station.



Total relaxation and recovery for body and mind. You will feel the benefits of flotation therapy regardless of if you are a professional athlete or if you sit in an office all day.

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infrared sauna

Infrared sauna provides recovery and wellbeing without overheating. Muscles and joints relax, while metabolism increases, and perspiration works to detoxify the body.

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Recovery boots and cryo boots


Recovery boots are perfect for when you have tired legs after a hard day at work or after a long run. Easy, accessible, and effective, they deliver a treatment through which you experience a clear effect.

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pause recovery studio

Frederiks Plads 28

8000 Aarhus, Danmark

+45 8118 6400



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